Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my child signed up to receive a toy?

  • Either call Santa’s Hotline, fill out the form on the Receive page, or message us on Facebook.

What happens after I sign my child up?

  • You will be contacted by Santa’s Hotline.  They will schedule you for a time to come shopping for your children.

I’d like to use Hope & The Holidays’ services. Will my information be shared? 

  • No. Hope & the Holidays does not share personal information with outside parties or organizations. We respect your privacy and want all community members to feel confident in receiving support from Hope & the Holidays while knowing your information will be private. 

What age kids are eligible?

  • We provide toys for Infant through 18.

How do I volunteer?

  • Fill out the form on the Give page or message us on Facebook.

Why do you raise money?

  • We raise money year around to be able to buy toys for the age and gender groups that don’t get as many toys donated to them.  Often we are in need of teen gifts as well as infant.